Monthly Mobile Review - January

Our monthly mobile review is out! In 4 minutes, you'll learn about what happened last month in the mobile space. This month includes new statistics/findings, new smartphone technology, and more. I'm also going to highlight 3 different items from this mobile review and elaborate on why it's important. They are the AT&T LTE smartphone, Android's momentum, and Verizon's price drop.

AT&T LTE smartphone can dock to become a laptop

Why is this significant? Because it is the future. Say goodbye to desktops and netbooks. One day, you'll be able to plug-in your smartphone into a dummy terminal with a monitor and full-size keyboard and have instant access to all your data. Sound farfetched? It's not, since the AT&T LTE smartphone can do exactly that. With quad-core processors in smartphones coming early next year, this idea isn't too far out there.

Android's momentum

Last month, Android surpassed iPhone in total US subscribers and Symbian in worldwide market share. I said this would happen. Well, something similar, at least. Android's distribution model will win in the long run. Although, I will admit, with the latest rumors of an iPhone nano, I'm curious to see how this plays out.

Verizon drops Samsung Fascinate, Droid Incredible, Droid R2-D2 to $100 - Engagement Mobile

One of my predictions for this year is that we'll eventually see free smartphones. Verizon recently dropped the prices of a few phones down to $100. The Droid Incredible sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, 8GB Flash memory, and an 8MP camera. I don't know about you, but this sounds like a mini-computer... for $100. The drop in price is one of the many factors advancing the mobile revolution.

Monthly Mobile Review

January (beginning to end)
Android virus MSO.PJApps caught in China - IntoMobile
Sanyo releases a mobile magnifying camera for presentations - MobileCrunch
Android closing in on Blackberry US market share - IntoMobile
LG to add smartphone control to its line of home appliances - IntoMobile makes mobile a top priority for 2011 - Mobile Marketer
Starbucks generates 147,000 Foursquare checkins in 7 days - Mobile Marketing Watch
Mobile users more vulnerable to phishing attacks - Slashdot
Google mobile payment service "in the works" - Mobile Marketing Watch
AT&T LTE smartphone can dock to become a laptop - Mobile Tech Today
Mobile web and native app use increases at night - ReadWriteMobile
eBay's mobile sales grew from $600 million to $2 billion in 2010 - TechCrunch
Android passes iPhone in Total US Subscribers - TechCrunch / comScore
38% of mobile Internet time in US spent on e-mail - IntoMobile
uStream coming bundled on Verizon 4G Android Phones - TechCrunch
Scanbuy's ScanLife trend report shows uptake of mobile barcode scanning - IntoMobile
16MP cameras coming to smartphones - MobileCrunch
Mobile tweets account for 40% of all Twitter posts - Mobile Marketing Watch
Jet Airways uses QR codes for traveller information - GoMo News
YouTube mobile traffic TRIPLED in 2010 - TechCrunch
Google takes on Yelp with new mobile app - New York Times
Google Translate for Android translates speech in real-time - BGR Mobile
New Task for Phone: File Taxes - New York Times
Smartphones behind over a third of store walk-outs - BizReport
Apple will sell their 100 millionth iPhone this year - MobileCrunch
Starbucks allows customers to pay by phone - New York Times
15% of smartphones sold in 2011 will have multicore processors (45% in 2015) - IntoMobile
comScore study shows mobile e-mail usage exploding - Mobile Marketing Watch
Apple app store hits 10 billion downloads - BGR Mobile
Foursquare now six million users strong, hit 381 million check-ins in 2010 - TechCrunch
Google takes cloud print mobile - TechCrunch
Verizon nixing $15 smartphone data plan ahead of iPhone launch, keeping $30 unlimited plan
Initiative harnessing smartphones to help keep heart attack victims alive - TechCrunch
Facebook says they're focused on mobile for 2011 - IntoMobile
Android system overtakes Symbian - New York Times
Cell phone with integrated projector to go on sale in Japan - MobileCrunch
86% of mobile users fire up their phone while watching TV - IntoMobile
Verizon drops Samsung Fascinate, Droid Incredible, Droid R2-D2 to $100 - Engagement Mobile