The Mobile News You Missed From March

We scour the web for the cutting edge facts in the mobile space and compile them into a monthly report to keep you up-to-date on what's happening. It also keeps us at the top of our game. Last month we saw a lot of momentum with Google in the mobile space, some numbers on smartphone penetration, and more. We've got some great educational blog posts lined up and this website is getting a face lift! Get excited for some great articles ahead. 

Google Continues to Dominate The Mobile Space

Google said this year is mobile's moment and they're not standing still. Android winning in the US smartphone wars is just one indicator of their momentum. Google also controls 97% of mobile paid search. They make a majority of their money on paid search on the desktop web and they made sure they captured the mobile space. Google Instant went mobile. The power of Google Instant in your pocket is amazing. In addition, they're testing in-store mobile payment systems. Keep your eye out; Google is doing some amazing things. 

Mobile Moves Forward at Rapid Pace

Google said it all, this is mobile's year. Apple sells its 100 millionth iPhone. A report from Gartner finds that PC growth is slowing due to shift to smartphones and tablets. In Western Europe, 44% of handsets sold in Q4 were smartphones. A report from Berg said that shipments in the US grew 74% in 2010. And lastly, New York Times reports that the smartphone market is expected to soar in 2011. Need I say more?

Mobile Commerce Is Going to Explode

We might be a little ways off, but large players aren't holding back in the mobile commerce game. PayPal mobile saw over $6 million in transactions on mobile devices. Starbucks mobile payments drew in 3 million customers. And Google formed a mobile payments partnership with Mastercard and Citigroup. Awesome.