8 QR Code Uses for Realtors

QR Code Uses for Realtors (Photo by GlennFleishman)There is a lot of opportunity for QR codes in the Real Estate industry. I've seen QR codes being discussed at various Real Estate conferences as well as Twitter chats. Part of the reason that they are gaining popularity is because there are several practical uses for Realtors.

In brief, a QR code is barcode that can be scanned from a smartphone. The smartphone is able to read what's on the barcode, such as a web address, and then take the user to that address. Check out this QR Code FAQ to get up to speed with QR codes.

QR codes can contain many different types of data. For Realtors, I think the most practical types of data is a web address and contact information.

1. For Sale Sign

Imagine someone shopping for a home, driving around, and finding a house you listed. Although, you're not there to show it to them. Fear not! They recognize a QR code listed on the lawn sign. They pull out their phone and are able to scan the QR code from their car. The code takes them to a YouTube video which shows you walking through a home so they're able to see the inside. Maybe they like that home, so they mark it as a favorite on their phone to check it later.

If you don't want to print a QR code on the lawn sign, possibly leave little flyers or business cards at the home that includes the QR code. Or link them to a Flickr link with a gallery for that home. Both YouTube and Flickr are mobile-friendly (have a separate optimized version for smartphones).

2. Flyers

Imagine distributing flyers to a local neighbor building awareness for a new home. Someone receives the flyer and is able to see a few details on the house. And then they see a QR code. They pull out their phone, scan the QR code, and they get taken to a YouTube video of you walking through the home. Since they're in their home, you realize you can make the video a little longer and decide to extend the video and talk more about the place.

Instead of citing stats in different rooms, you say things like, "A couch would look great in that corner." Or, "I can imagine a flat screen TV hanging there." Or how about, "This would be a great area for the kids." "I can imagine a dog in this backyard." etc.

You not only show them the house but you help them visualize it. You help paint the picture in their minds through a medium that they're not used to: video in the palm of their hand. Maybe they'll think about that cousin who was looking for a home because they've just experienced something that was worth sharing.

3. Print Ads

Imagine that person reading the newspaper looking for homes. Instead of buying a large ad space to show off that special home, you buy a smaller ad space and include a QR code. They scan the QR code with their Android phone and walk through the home as if they were there.

4. Posters Outside Of The Office

Imagine a big QR code outside your office. Is it enough to differentiate you from the next Realtor? Is it enough to spark curiosity and bring someone inside? I bet it will. Link it to a video of yourself or possibly a Facebook fan page.

5. Business Card

Realtors go through a very personal experience with their clients. Sometimes, they help people buy their first homes. People instill a lot of trust into their realtors and building up that personal relationship is key. On the back of your business card, how about a QR code? Either create one that contains your contact info (use our generator), or link one to a YouTube video where you stare at the camera and talk a little bit about yourself and why you do what you do.

Maybe tell a story about why you got into Real Estate. Stories are personal and people can relate to them. Be real.

6. Link a QR code to Facebook, Twitter, or a Text Message

Maybe you don't want to link people to a video. How about a Facebook page? Or if you're in a tech-savvy area, maybe even a Twitter page? Or maybe you want the QR code to populate a text message that gets sent to you when someone scans it. The possibilities are endless. If you want to see what else QR codes are capable of, check out this article on the 9 different QR code data types.

7. Put One On Your Website

A QR Code on your website makes the most sense when links to your contact information. This would allow someone to easily add your contact info to their phone. What better place is there to be?

8. Have It On Your Phone

You might be thinking, "Why have the QR code on my phone?" Simple! This is a chance to educate people. If you see they're a smartphone user, educate them on what a QR code is when they try to add you as a contact on their phone. It makes you look cutting edge. The QR code could just be in the gallery on your phone.


Some people recommend posting them on your car, but I'd disagree. While QR codes allow for engagement and are really cool, we should still think what is practical and effective. QR codes require someone to scan them from their smartphone and putting them on a moving object isn't the most practical idea.

Don't forget to take a look at our QR code best practices. If you're sending someone to a place on the web, be sure and track with bit.ly. Here's a tutorial on how to do that. This will allow you to gauge interaction with your QR codes and see what people are scanning at what times.

Want a Custom Solution?

Although a lot is possible when it comes to building QR codes yourself, some may need some more help or want a custom solutions. For instance, a custom solution consists of a page with the property listing, a link to a video, a paragraph description on the property, and a one-touch button to call, e-mail, or text you (this would all be optimized for smartphones). That's where we come in. Reach out and we'll make it happen.

Why Use QR Codes?

It's free to set up. It helps differentiate you. It could help drive traffic to your content and listings. It is trackable. It shows that you're cutting edge.


Did we leave out a use? What do you think about the possibilities? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!